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The Future of U.K. Manufacturing and the Importance of STEM Education

The manufacturing industry is believed to benefit enormously form STEM education and the advancements it can bring in all sectors. However, guiding young individuals towards this field is highly important, as the shortage in these fields to be diminished. But more information on STEM and its potential contributions to the manufacturing industry, below.

The Future of U.K. Manufacturing and the Importance of STEM Education

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering and Maths, and experts in the manufacturing industry strongly believe that the future of manufacturing is in the hands of this educational segment. Due to this reason, attracting the youth towards it and inspiring them to study it can turn into an amazing contribution to all the shortages that currently exist in the field. There are some groups that make a sensitive difference in STEM. Currently, the aging process in the STEM-oriented industries is an aching issue, but younger generations seem to be increasingly interested in such degrees, as the experts at PDF Electric & Supply claim.

- Across the UK, more than 75,000 students are full-time level 3 engineering qualifications.
- More than 10,000 part-time students are taking levels 3 engineering qualifications.
- An impressive number of over 24,000 students are taking full-time 4+ engineering qualifications.
- Yearly, more than 650,000 students across the UK, including the Wales, England and Northern Ireland take their GCSE exams from a broad spectrum of topics.
- Out of those 650,000, more than 300,000 pass their GCSE exams with A+ to C grades in maths or sciences. 

The future of UK manufacturing is now

While there is place for advancements and developments, the UK manufacturing industry is a highly developed and technologized one. Over the past decades, the UK manufacturing industry knew an enormous development in terms of automation and tech advancements, while the quality management and assessment have known new definitions and standards. Domestic producers are pushed, once again at the top of the manufacturing chain. Many identify this era as a Renaissance era, but for technology and automation. But there is enough data to prove that this industry is at the top, once again. Across the UK, many organizations put enormous efforts into training the future UK engineers in practical matters. The Engineering Development Trust, The Industrial Trust, the Smallpeice Trust are only some of the most notable organization dedicating their time and resources to training the next generation of skillful and knowledgeable UK Engineers.

While data is showing a positive trajectory for the UK manufacturing industries, the increasing numbers of jobs in these industries is also a great indicator. However, those jobs require more sophisticated capabilities and a higher level of education. This is where STEM is making its contribution to the manufacturing industry in the UK. By properly training and educating the future manufacturing experts; experts that are expected to boost this industry’s capabilities and make it more profitable and sustainable. 

The link between STEM education and the well-being of the UK manufacturing industry is a close one, a link that has the capability of closing a years-long gap.

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