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The Advantages of Living A Life Free from Diseases and Alcohol

If you are addicted to any substance, chances are that you are wondering whether to pay a rehab center a visit or not. If you are not yet convinced of the benefits of a life without drugs and alcohol, here are some more to put into consideration.

The Advantages of Living A Life Free from Diseases and Alcohol

Freedom from emotional dependence

Emotional dependence on drugs occurs when, instead of craving the actual drugs, you crave the effects from the drugs such as getting high. Freedom from this emotional dependence makes it easy to control your thoughts.

Freedom from physical addiction

Physical addiction is harmful to the body in that important parts like the lungs and the liver are harmed by the chemicals from the drugs one takes. When you keep off drugs, the body can grow healthy and strong.

Peace with the law

When addicted to drugs, you can be arrested for many different reasons. Besides the possession of drugs, impaired judgementcan lead to accidents and other issues that may lead to arrests and incarceration. Being sober has no such problems.

Financial sobriety

Addiction is very expensive. For example, the average hardcore heroin addict can spend anything between $150 and $200 each day. That money can be put to great use in other areas of life such as investing and healthy living.

Having a clean conscience

As an addict, the urge to have the drug in your system can deeply compromise your character as person. You will have to lie, cheat and at times steal for the drugs. Without the addiction, you will command respect in life as you will have control over your life.

Being a better parent

Parenting, as parents can attest, is never an easy task as it requires making a lot of sacrifices and being sober. If one is addicted, their judgement and dedication to their parenting roles are both impaired leading to poor parentage.

Healthy careers

No matter how talented or learned you are in a given field, it is almost impossible to keep a career and even excel at it with an addiction. The level of focus required to perform well in most careers is often hampered with drug addictions.

Have a healthy social life

When addicted to drugs, the first priority is always your drugs. You want to have them with you all the time, you spend your money on them and block out everything else. There is freedom without such addictions.

Contribution to society

Drugs will often isolate you by making it a priority to serve the urge to have them in your system. If you can earn your freedom from drugs, you will realize you have enough energy to build the society and everything that goes on around you. 

Chance to chase your dreams

With drugs dictating most of your decisions, you will rarely sit down and zoom on your dreams. When you get rid of the drugs, you have the chance to chase your dreams with all your focus and capabilities. 

Earning your freedom from drugs is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. It is a simple decision that will open up doors that you did not previously think could be open to you.


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