September, 16
by Mo Houston

Getting noticed

Wondering how to elevate your brand identity to global success? We show you the best way to get noticed...

Getting noticed

 What does it take to cut it in the big leagues?


Being an aspiring designer can offer a multitude of amazing highs, and also, some lows. But what does it take to cut it in the big leagues and how do you get there? From your first eureka moment to frustrating economic road blocks, as most of you already know, being your own boss and fashion mogul isn't all sequins and VIP passes.


With gutsy first timers rising through the fashion ranks in a range of surprising and unconventional ways, it seems now more than ever, getting your brand out there in the fashion stratosphere is more diverse than before.


We take you step by step through the bread and butter basics that can take a home-grown brand to international notoriety with little more than a dash of creativity, a helping of courage and an all or nothing mentality.


Creating a brand identity

A simple mistake that has many exciting new brands falling at the first hurdle, getting to know your customer and who you are as a brand is the first step to success. Clarity is key, going broad and wide can seem like a great 'come one, come all' mentality, but when stepping out into an admittedly saturated fashion sector, defining what is unique about your product can keep you focused on your core market.

* Entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Blake Mycoskie - Founder of TOMS


What's your biggest USP: 

Whether it's your defiance against high street chains, your eco-mindfulness, original designs or inventive fashion solutions, get to know what makes you special. Every successful brand worth its salt has a powerful USP(unique selling point) that they can reiterate to their client base and use to reign in new consumers.

*Sara Blakely - the billionaire founder of shapewear company, Spanx 
Originality is everything

Some brands will forever be in the back of the fashion-lovers psyche, remember French Connection's iconic FCUK campaign? Originality in whatever form gives you an instant foot up on the brand ladder. It doesn't take a gimmick to get noticed, having a unique voice or marketing strategy can be just as convincing. 

Build a community

From vloggers to #instababes, there's no denying that an online presence is the most important shop window you own. Make it diverse and engaging, show what inspires and excites you, and mix it up – its the cheapest and most successful tool at your disposal. 

Blog it:

We can't count the amount of blogger collaboration lines popping up on the high street lately, creating a multi-dimensional, outward-facing presence can end up paying big bucks. The same can be applied to your designs, using yourself as an authority to create a wider brand profile can help create a repeat audience.

 * Cupcakes and Cashmere blogger and capsule designer, Emily Schuman


Pump your product: 

The days of brick and mortar pop-ups are gone, the biggest advantage of selling online is having no overheads, no rent, no bills, and no staffing costs. Selling on affiliate websites as well as your own is an opportunity to disperse the brand and start selling globally straight away.



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