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5 Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Community

Finding the right assisted living facility for an elderly loved one is very important, as you will be ultimately entrusting their care to the in-house staff. While some prefer to browse online and make a few calls, others still take time to visit the place and take a tour of the assisted living community.

5 Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Community

To make sure your trip to the place is productive, here are a few tips to help you when you check out the future home of your senior relative:

Keep an eye on cleanliness

A well-maintained facility is spotless and odorless. This means that the rooms and amenities are cleaned thoroughly, such that no traces of odor or stain are left. Overall order and sanitation are important factors because these say a lot about the management and how they take care of their guests.

Observe the staff

When your senior loved one decide to stay in an assisted living facility, the staff will be the primary caretakers of your loved one. It is crucial that the staff are as warm and hospitable as possible, as they are the primary source of interaction and aid in your loved one’s chosen community.

Ask questions

A tour of the community is the perfect time to be asking any questions you have in mind regarding senior care. Inquire about staff training, safety, and security measures, as well as protocols observed within the facility. Also, make sure you ask about the staff-to-resident ratio, to get an idea of the kind of care and attention that will be given to your loved one once they stay there.

Check out their activities

If possible, visit the community when there is an ongoing activity and offer to participate as well. This makes it possible for you to observe their dynamics and how the staff interacts with their guests. A good facility offers a diverse range of activities for their residents, making each resident’s stay as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible.

Have a meal onsite

Food and mealtime are equally important aspects when it comes to assisted living facilities. To observe their policies regarding meals and specialized diets, consider dining at the facility. This way, you can inquire and better evaluate the quality and cleanliness of food served to their residents.

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