January, 29
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4 Ways to Step Up Your Dental Clinic’s Customer Service

Visits to the dental clinic is a regular thing that many people dread. Whether it is for regular prophylaxis, fluoride varnish application, tooth extraction, teeth whitening procedure, or other more complicated dental procedures, an appointment with the dentist is something that many people do not look forward to.

4 Ways to Step Up Your Dental Clinic’s Customer Service

If you own a dental clinic, you can make dental visits easier and less stressful for your patients by providing excellent customer service. How you treat your patients, how you value them, and how you care and empathize with them will go a long way whenever they go for their appointments. It’s one thing to do what they need in a skilled and professional manner, but it’s an entirely different story when it comes to dealing with them and relating to them. Excellent customer service will bring your customers back to you and it will also make them recommend your clinic to other people they know.

Having established the importance of customer service, here’s a rundown of four ways to step up your dental clinic's customer service:

Respect your clients’ time

The first opportunity to show excellent customer service is the moment someone calls and makes an appointment with you. Be sure that you or your receptionist note down all appointments in a careful, organized manner and that you update the schedule when needed. You do not want to be in a very awkward and unprofessional position of having two patients scheduled at the same time – it only shows poor management on your side. Remember, they are probably very busy and are only free for that specific time, so be strict with the schedule and time frame. 

Relate to your patients

It really pays to relate to your patients, but you have to be intentional. Having someone poke around in your mouth can be very intrusive and you want to lessen any discomfort they may have. As a dentist, you will be going into your patient’s personal space so make sure they can relate well to you before invading that space. Your patients should feel really at ease and comfortable with you. Go the extra mile and get to know them. Know their names and do small talks. You don’t need to probe into the intricate details of his or her life, just enough to make them feel more relaxed about having their teeth tinkered with.

Honesty above all

Honesty and integrity are attractive. When your patients are paying you to do something, you’d want to be honest. They have the right to know whether a particular procedure will cause discomfort or pain. They’d want to know what they can and cannot do after the procedure. Be upfront and honest in informing them of everything they need to know.

Seek your patients at their level

It’s another way of saying that you should meet their need. Every patient is different. One may not be that enthusiastic to undergo a specific procedure, so avoid scolding your patient or underestimating how he or she feels. Empathize with people and talk to them always whenever you would do something. Assure them always that they’ll be safe under your care. Some patients would really stretch out your patience, but then again, they deserve nothing less of the best that you can offer, especially your undivided attention.


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