November, 14
by RT

4 Facts About Car Accidents

Every year almost 1.35 million people are taken from their families, and their lives are cut short due to a car crash or road traffic crash. Aside from this, between 20 to 50 million people suffer from non-fatal car injuries.

4 Facts About Car Accidents

These alarming statistics should be enough for us to be more mindful when driving and traveling. Unfortunately, some people still test the hands of fate and continue to exhibit unsafe ways and practices in the road. 

Here are more unbelievable facts that may scare us, drivers, to be more careful and practice safe ways on how to drive and handle cars.

1.   Don’t drink and drive. 

Approximately half of all lethal car misfortunes involve alcohol. So, if you are going to a party, assign a designated driver or better yet, skip the alcohol. 

2.   Don’t text or call while driving. 

Using your mobile phones while driving increases the risk of getting into a car accident by 400%. If you really need to use your phone, park or stop nearby.  

3.   Don’t rush home. 

According to statistics, most accidents transpire within three miles of a person’s home. We get that you are excited to rush home to see your family, but please be careful.

4.   Seatbelts save lives. 

Wearing seatbelts lessen the risk of death among drivers and front-seat passengers by 45-50%. Make it a habit to wear your seatbelt upon climbing into the car, because you never know when it may come handy.

Accidents happen unexpectedly, but it doesn’t mean we cannot prevent it. If you suddenly find yourself in a jam, whether you are the victim or the one who caused the accident it is better to have a lawyer with you. Put an Auto Accident Lawyer in your phonebook as you wouldn’t know when you need to talk to one. 


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