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3 Ways to Make Mining More Sustainable

The mining industry is most often criticized for its operations' negative impact on the environment.

3 Ways to Make Mining More Sustainable

However, it is possible to lessen this impact by deploying more environmentally sustainable solutions such as:

Better energy and waste management

One of the biggest problems is that some mining companies do not dispose of their waste according to guidelines. Federal or provincial guidelines on sustainable mining must be properly implemented and followed. For starters, the amount of toxic waste being dumped on the environment must be accurately reported.

Proper waste management can also include making good use of reusable materials in the mine sites, reusing and recycling water, and recycling scrap materials. Another way is to reduce the cost of production. This can be done in a lot of ways including taking advantage of mining equipment for hire and using alternative sources of energy. 

Deploy greener technologies

These days, there are already greener technologies available in the market that can not only help make mining more energy efficient but also decrease its negative impact on the environment. 

For instance, a hybrid diesel-electric loader is now available to replace the commonly used diesel-fueled loaders that are known, polluters. This new equipment significantly reduces gas emissions and decreases the energy required to ventilate the mines.

Rehabilitate abandoned mines

Mines that have been abandoned or shut down still pose a threat to the environment because they often still have hazardous waste that can leak. These mines must be taken apart so that its wastes can be disposed of properly.

It is also preferable that these sites be reclaimed and returned to reusable standards by replenishing the environment around it.

Mining can be more sustainable, provided that the industry is willing to work with the governing bodies to come up with efficient and economical solutions.  


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