November, 21
by RT

3 Tips for Creating Healthcare Videos That Matter

Videos are everywhere these days. Consumers watch them find information for just about everything including how to deal with their healthcare issues.

3 Tips for Creating Healthcare Videos That Matter

Since the popularity of videos is only expected to rise, there is likewise an increasing need for healthcare professionals and institutions to create shareable video content for consumers. How then do you create healthcare videos that matter? Here are 3 tips.

1.   Develop a video marketing strategy.

Video production requires planning and it all starts with a strategy. It involves figuring out the messages you wish to convey, the channels and the type of content you want to use, your production and publishing schedule, as well as the people who will participate in the production. 

Make a plan by taking all of these into consideration. It is only through careful planning that you can create a strategy that will not only help consumers find you online but more importantly, take that step to call you and make an appointment.

2.   Create content to help and educate your audience.

Take the time to research the types of content that your audience will need from you. Patients these days do not only research symptoms online. They also research about hospitals, doctors, and treatments. You can address these by creating various types of videos including medical interviews, patient testimonials, clinic or office tours, and doctor and staff introductions.   

Aside from promoting your practice or hospital though, it's also a great idea to publish educational videos that not only help patients but encourage their engagement too. Some examples are general health tips, animated videos on procedures and surgeries, how-to's or explainer videos, and more.

3.   Make it professional.

While anybody with a camera and editing software can produce videos, not everyone has the capabilities and the skills required to produce professional-looking ones. It is important to produce high-quality videos because it affects a consumer's perception of your business. In fact, according to studies, 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a business if it published a poor-quality video.

Healthcare videos provide numerous benefits not just for healthcare professionals and institutions but for the consumers too. However, if producing high-quality videos seem overwhelming to you, outsource this process to the experts to ensure that your videos will not only be informative but will also create a positive impression on your audience.


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