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3 Best Suburbs in Atlanta for Families

Atlanta, Georgia has recently snagged the first place in the list of top 10 moving destinations in the United States.

3 Best Suburbs in Atlanta for Families

It seems that there is a good reason why a lot of people are moving to Atlanta – its population increased by 1.6% from 2015 to 2016 and for a city with a population of more than five million, that is no small feat.

If you have a family and you’re one of those who are thinking of relocating to Atlanta, it is good to consider which areas are good to live in for families. Atlanta is an expansive city and there are some areas that have more to offer when it comes to places for kids. Here are some of the most family-friendly Atlanta suburbs to get you started:

Johns Creek, Atlanta

For a total suburban feel, Johns Creek is a great place to live in. The many subdivisions in the area are perfect for any family. There are lots of parks for small kids and there won’t be a lack of shops for parents. Safety and security are also excellent.

Roswell, Atlanta

Ranked as the 18th safest city in the United States by City, Roswell is definitely one of the best places to live in Atlanta. Families get to enjoy a lot of parks, trails, restaurants, and shops. There are also weekly events to keep everyone busy.

Decatur, Atlanta

This Atlanta suburb has so much to offer – major shopping areas, a large selection of dining places, two large hospitals, and regular town square events. Another huge perk is the excellent school system in Decatur so there are really good schools for kids to go to. Transportation, which can be an issue anywhere in Atlanta, is not a problem in Decatur because of the reliable public transit in the center. Decatur offers a great mix of suburban lifestyle, excellent education, and rich culture.


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